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Intended use
Genotyping of 23 cutaneous wart associated HPV types.

Summary and explanation
HPV types, distributed over five genera (alpha, beta, gamma, mu and nu) and 16 species, infect the skin. HPV types belonging to species of three genera (alpha, gamma and mu) have most frequently been detected in hyperkeratotic skin lesions (warts). The HPV types regularly detected in skin warts from the Alphapapillomavirus genus are HPV types 2, 3, 10, 27 and 57. Also HPV types from the genus Gammapapillomavirus, such as HPV4, HPV60 and HPV65, have regularly detected in skin warts. The HPV types from the Mupapillomavirus genus, HPV1 and 63 were detected in hand and foot warts. The single described member of the Nupapillomavirus genus, HPV41, which was originally isolated from a facial wart has not been detected frequently in skin warts. Recently, a novel broad-spectrum PCR multiplex genotyping assay (HSL-PCR/MPG) was developed for identification of established and candidate wart HPV types included in the alpha genus (species 2: HPV3, 10, 28, 29, 77 and 94; species 4: HPV2, 27 and 57; species 8: HPV7, 40, 43 and 91), gamma genus (species 1: HPV4, 65 and 95; species 2: HPV48; species 3: HPV50; species 4: HPV60), mu genus (species 1: HPV1; species 2: HPV63), and finally the nu genus (species 1: HPV41) [1]. The LMNX kit HSL-PCR is the commercialized version of this test.

Principles of the procedure
The LMNX kit HSL-PCR is based on the reverse hybridization of amplicons obtained by PCR of DNA from clinical specimens. Denatured amplicons, resulting from the amplification of a part of the L1 region with the HSL primer set, are hybridized with specific oligonucleotide probes, which are immobilized on microspheres. Each oligonucleotide probe is bound to a specific coloured microsphere. Beads with bound amplimers are individually detected and identified in an automated detection system.

Ordering information
REF: L-4140 LMNX kit HSL-PCR 96 tests

1) De Koning et al. (2010), Evaluation of a novel broad-spectrum PCR-multiplex genotyping assay for identification of cutaneous wart-associated human papillomavirus types. J Clin Microbiol 48, 1706-11.
2) De Koning et al. (2011), Lesional HPV types of cutaneous warts can be reliably identified by surface swabs. J Clin Virol 52, 84-7.
3) Bruggink et al. (2012), Cutaneous wart-associated HPV types: prevalence and relation with patient characteristics. J Clin Virol 55, 250-5.

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